We are not alone

I made a funny observation today, I was browsing the Lenovo blog and got sucked into the comments on the announcement of the Lenovo T431. In the blogpost the company was bragging about the new placement of the logo among other changes they made to the original design.
The comments speak for themselves as they hush the marketing mumbojumbo by complaining about the same issues we’re discussing on this website.

A masterpiece, really ? Do you watch the competition ?

– IPS/PLS display … No ?
– Reasonable selection of display resolution option, FHD at least for 14″… No ?
– More productive display aspect ratio 16:10 or 3:2 … No ?
– 4G/LTE module supporting European frequencies (AirPrime MC7710) … No ?


The only thing people were asking were:

– don’t change anything
– put a high resolution screen
– put a 4:3 screen
– remove huge bezels around the screen

Jump over there and vent your opinion as well, let them know we mean business!
New T431s Illustrates How ThinkPad Loyalists, Techies and the People Will Define Future Design

You see, Lenovo is missing the point completely, they have a huge crowd of loyalists who are just about leaving the brand. Its users are coders like us, and we need screens that at least are up to par with our phones. Is that too much to ask for?
But Lenovo spends days, nights, weeks on how to make the logo stand out from the crowd. It’s sad to see them fail at creating the next generation workhorses.


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