Google chromebook pixel

First it appeard to be a hoax, the leaked video of the Google Pixel, but after a few days the leaders from Googleplex in Mountain View spoke, the Pixel is for real. And based on the specifications I would say this is a developers dream. A 3:2 aspect ratio, which means height, not width, a 2560x1700px 12.85-inch screen should offer a highly configurable screen with as much lines as your eyes can distinguish.
There is however a tiny problem, the computer runs ChromeOS, and as a developer who wants to run his own local servers, has his own database,… continue reading

Google Pixel, if only

The guys at the Verge wrote down what i wanted to say about this laptop that probably isn’t going to be. Throw any OS on it you’d like and I’d be a happy puppy. Please somebody make this, right now!