Choosing a laptop

Today we go shopping for a new laptop on different websites of famous laptop brands. We try to find laptops with acceptable screen resolutions as quick as possible. This is much, much harder than we first thought when we accepted the challenge and it took us hours to find out that there are no WUXGA laptops produced anymore.

Damnit, now they even build tablets with WUXGA screens

The world has been travelling backwards as it seems. While resolutions on wearable devices as phones and tables have been growing ever since introduction it seems in a short while a new landmark will be passed. Tablets having a screen resolution surpassing that of regular laptops. ASUS has announced an upgrade of their current Prime tablet to a real WUXGA tablet.

Yes, an Android tablet sporting the resolution i would love to have on my laptop. On a tablet. The pixel density on such devices is incredible. And thus the possible crispness of the lines.… continue reading

Asus Zenbook LW900+ worthy

Asus is the first laptop to open this category. It’s for the road warriors who still like to get some work done when arrived at the destination. This means batterypower and screenheight. But being light enough to carry around. And yet small enough to be discreet.
The Asus Zenbook can be configured to sport a whopping 1600×900 resolution screen.