Sony also produces a LW900 laptop. It’s the 13″ VIAO Z, which can be configured with a full HD (1920×1080) screen. This is a very expensive machine and is default configured with a 1600×900 panel. It has the fastest processor of the bunch as well (when you configure this extra bonus) and comes with an optional mediadock which houses an external video card and hdmi ports.

Model:  Sony Vaio Z
Resolution:  1600x900 (upgradeable 1920x1080 Full HD)
Displaysize:  13.1" (Matte)
Weight:  1.18 kg (2.63 lbs)
Processor:  Core i5-2450M-processor
RAM:  4 GB (8 GB max)
Drive:  128 GB SSD
Thickness:  16.50 mm (0.63 in)
Battery life:  40 Wh, ~7 hours
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