Samsung series 9 900X3B

The Samsung Serie 9 laptops come in a wide variety. A couple of them also include a better display compared with the default 1366×768. The 900X3B models include a 1600×900 display, which is the bare minimum to be useable as a production machine in our opinion.

Model:  Samsung Series 9 900X3B
Resolution:  1600x900
Displaysize:  13.3" (Matte)
Weight:  1.10 kg (2.43 lbs)
Processor:  Core i5-2537M (1.4 GHz)
RAM:  4 GB (8 GB max)
Drive:  128 GB SSD
Thickness:  12.7mm (0.5 in)
Battery life:  40 Wh, ~7 hours
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