Panasonic Toughbook 52

Well, slap me with a moldy turnip and color me flabbergasted! When doing some surfing today I discovered there is one other laptop that falls into our 1200+ category which is the Panasonic Toughbook 52. It’s even a 15.4″ laptop so that means it’s smaller than the Apple Macbook Pro. (But by no means lighter because of it’s toughness). It’s probably not the workhorse you’d expect for this price, but if 1200 pixels of height is what matters most, this is your one and last non Apple option as far as we know.

Model:  Toughbook 52
Resolution:  1920x1200
Displaysize:  15.4" (Matte)
Weight:  3,4 Kg (7.5lbs)
Processor:  Core i5-2450M-processor
RAM:  4 GB (16GB max)
Drive:  320GB
Thickness:  54mm (2.0")
Battery life:  4 hours

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