Intel: Retina laptop displays coming in 2013

Here’s what Intel sees happening for laptops over the next few years:

  • Ultrabooks with 11 inch, 1560 × 1440 pixel displays
  • Ultrabooks with 13 inch, 2800 × 1800 pixel displays
  • Laptops with 15 inch, 3840 × 2160 pixel displays


2 Responses to “Intel: Retina laptop displays coming in 2013”

  1. John

    Wow! that’s awesome! too bad the WinTel industry will never offer it, since they refuse to offer even WUXGA laptop displays anymore! Why am I being FORCED to go MAC?

  2. Ian

    Well I sure hope Intel are right about that. Fact: I won’t be upgrading my 10 year old laptop until it is actually an upgrade.


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