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First it appeard to be a hoax, the leaked video of the Google Pixel, but after a few days the leaders from Googleplex in Mountain View spoke, the Pixel is for real. And based on the specifications I would say this is a developers dream. A 3:2 aspect ratio, which means height, not width, a 2560x1700px 12.85-inch screen should offer a highly configurable screen with as much lines as your eyes can distinguish.
There is however a tiny problem, the computer runs ChromeOS, and as a developer who wants to run his own local servers, has his own database, installs packages and has Git running to version his source, it’s un-imaginable how one could do all that on an internetOS based on the Chrom browser.
Luckily, someone pointed me to the first patches to the linux-kernel submitted to have the computer recognised by the Linux-kernel. And that makes me happy and joyful. Can’t wait to take the train to London and grab me a Pixel. Yes, it’s expensive, has a ridiculously small SSD (because Google offers 3-years of 1TB on Google drive for free with the Pixel). But if my laptop dies on me now, this is the machine I would buy to replace it, and I would try to live with it’s quicks while going through the motions of installing Ubuntu and learn new programs to replace my Windows habbits.

The Pixel will be available only in the US and UK from april. As soon as it available it will appear in the 1200+ list of purchasable laptops.

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  1. Guest

    Yes this is good news. I really love the screen, but the other specs are lacking. I hope it can be hacked with better hardware.

    Anyways, I’ve had an idea for a longtime which I think you can pull off, since you have this website.

    I’ve been periodically emailing websites like asus, lenovo, hp, and razer. Maybe a couple of emails a year, asking them if they have laptops that offer 16:10 (or 3:2), and if they can consider such laptops in the future. I give my reasons and I’m polite about it.

    But, what I’d like is a bunch of us doing this. If we can get all the people who want WUXGA (or taller) laptops, and focus on a few laptops manufacturers. Perhaps we can get their attention?

    What do you think? Email me, and I can discuss the details further.

    Anwyays, keep up the good work!

  2. Charles Darke

    Unfortunately, I think the resolution is pixel doubled, so you have a 1280×850 resolution…


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