Damnit, now they even build tablets with WUXGA screens

The world has been travelling backwards as it seems. While resolutions on wearable devices as phones and tables have been growing ever since introduction it seems in a short while a new landmark will be passed. Tablets having a screen resolution surpassing that of regular laptops. ASUS has announced an upgrade of their current Prime tablet to a real WUXGA tablet.

Yes, an Android tablet sporting the resolution i would love to have on my laptop. On a tablet. The pixel density on such devices is incredible. And thus the possible crispness of the lines. Only question i have to Asus is this. Why is it not possible to use these screen on real laptops as well?

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  1. Luke Webber

    Thanks goodness I’m not the only one who sees the irony of the situation. I had a 1200P screen on a 17″ laptop nearly five years ago, but now I can’t get one for love or money. Well, apart from Macs and the Toughbook, which is not at all what I’m after.

  2. Guest

    Maybe the hardware is hackable so that this the tablet becomes merely a screen and you can attach to it the base of a laptop. It might be the only way to get a WUXGA laptop on a PC.

  3. Dmitry

    Squinting at tiny screen and trying to hit miniscule navigation keys with half requiring an Fn key and all wide apart. I had to work with a similar one at work and they all seem to be designed by an imbecile with no brain. Amazing components though…

  4. Phil

    The reason laptops have fallen behind is one thing, I believe, BAD GUI SOFTWARE!!!
    Windows still doesn’t support icons that adapt to screen resolution so you end up with really tiny icons if you go high resolution.
    I suspect Apple has solved this no-brainer problem and therefore you get the Retina screen on a laptop and ipads.
    Thanks Apple for kicking other laptop makers in the butt!

    • admin

      Yes and no, biggest problem is that there are not many panel manufacturers, and 16:9 is the de facto standard for television, secondly, lots of people don’t spend much on a lappy, the just want the internet and some word work done.
      And yes, windows does not scale well, but i’m not asking to scale. Scaling does only give sharper images, i want characters on the screen. I read 9pt characters on a 1920×1200 display 15″4. A retina macbook will not give me more lines to read, unfortunatly.


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