Call for action

Currently we have 5 laptops on our site. Four in the LW900+ category. A laptop is candidate if:

  • Weighs under 1.6 kg,
  • has at minimum 1440×900 resolution
  • has 4 hour battery life

This category is for the road-warrior.

The 1200+ category is for

  • laptops with a minimum height of 1200 pixels

If you have knowledge of any laptop, still being produced that we did not include in our lists, please contact us.

Full HD is not WUXGA

While the remainder of 16:10 panels deminish and 16:9 becomes the standard retailers are left in the dark. Without any knowledge they direct traffic to their websites with false statements. When you perform a google query for 16:9 WUXGA you get a large list of results. And the list is even bigger because not everybody uses 16:9 to sell their monitors and laptops. WUXGA is 1920×1200 pixels. 1920×1020 is Full HD, these two should not be confused. Full HD has 10% less height and thus 10% less pixels as WUXGA.

Why aren’t we there yet?

We live in 2012. Notebooks and laptops have been around since the nineties. At first they kept pace with desktop computer screens. The evolution brought us 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768 screens. And we were all happy, then there was out of nothing the first laptop with 1280×1024 pixels. I owned one of those laptops. It was a strange resolution, 4:3.5 but who cared, I got myself some height, and height is all that matters when you’re coding for a living. When i put my font on 9 points I was able to view 100 lines of code without scrolling. I… continue reading

Samsung series 9 900X3B

The Samsung Serie 9 laptops come in a wide variety. A couple of them also include a better display compared with the default 1366×768. The 900X3B models include a 1600×900 display, which is the bare minimum to be useable as a production machine in our opinion.


Sony also produces a LW900 laptop. It’s the 13″ VIAO Z, which can be configured with a full HD (1920×1080) screen. This is a very expensive machine and is default configured with a 1600×900 panel. It has the fastest processor of the bunch as well (when you configure this extra bonus) and comes with an optional mediadock which houses an external video card and hdmi ports.

Serious laptops, because we mean business

Welcome to our website, this website is dedicated to laptops which could be used by the professional. We mean laptops with screen real-estate. We regret that the laptop manufacturers have decided to put mostly crappy panels with horrible resolutions into their products. As a creative professional it’s appalling to see that our needs are ignored.

On these pages we have two categories, the portable and the desktop replacement. The minimum specifications to fall in either category are based on our own experiences and are debatable.