It’s a 13-inch machine, with similar physical dimensions to its predecessor. Getting it into a backpack or carry sleeve will be no trouble at all thanks to its superskinny 13.6mm design. At 1.39kg (3.06 pounds), you won’t need to hit the gym before trying to carry it anywhere, either.


First it appeard to be a hoax, the leaked video of the Google Pixel, but after a few days the leaders from Googleplex in Mountain View spoke, the Pixel is for real. And based on the specifications I would say this is a developers dream. A 3:2 aspect ratio, which means height, not width, a 2560x1700px 12.85-inch screen should offer a highly configurable screen with as much lines as your eyes can distinguish.
There is however a tiny problem, the computer runs ChromeOS, and as a developer who wants to run his own local servers, has his own database,… continue reading

The guys at the Verge wrote down what i wanted to say about this laptop that probably isn’t going to be. Throw any OS on it you’d like and I’d be a happy puppy. Please somebody make this, right now!

On display in Berlin this week is a prototype of Samsung’s Series 9 ultrabook running a 2560×1440 display.

The Samsung Series 9 is an existing laptop that is ultrabook-approved, quite thin, and a reasonable 1.63 kilograms. It’s a 15-inch laptop, just like the new, slimmed down MacBook Pro, though there is a 13-inch variety as well. The current model has a resolution of 1600×900, which is pretty good for an ultrabook but not even close to 2560×1440.

Samsung series 9 proto



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While we are still waiting for other computer brands to come to par with Apple, I think it’s time to put some things straight about the so called Retina displays the new Macbook pro currently sports. On the technical sheet it states that is has a 2880 x 1800 display resolution. For starters this is not a lie. The panel does consist of all these 5.184 M pixels and that is great. Also the pixel density is 220 Pixels Per Inch. So far the facts.
But that is not the whole picture because when you buy a Macbook… continue reading

We live in 2012. Notebooks and laptops have been around since the nineties. At first they kept pace with desktop computer screens. The evolution brought us 640×480, 800×600 and 1024×768 screens. And we were all happy, then there was out of nothing the first laptop with 1280×1024 pixels. I owned one of those laptops. It was a strange resolution, 4:3.5 but who cared, I got myself some height, and height is all that matters when you’re coding for a living. When i put my font on 9 points I was able to view 100 lines of code without scrolling. I… continue reading

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I made a funny observation today, I was browsing the Lenovo blog and got sucked into the comments on the announcement of the Lenovo T431. In the blogpost the company was bragging about the new placement of the logo among other changes they made to the original design.
The comments speak for themselves as they hush the marketing mumbojumbo by complaining about the same issues we’re discussing on this website.

A masterpiece, really ? Do you watch the competition ?

– IPS/PLS display … No ?
– Reasonable selection of display resolution option, FHD at least for 14″… No ?

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Today we go shopping for a new laptop on different websites of famous laptop brands. We try to find laptops with acceptable screen resolutions as quick as possible. This is much, much harder than we first thought when we accepted the challenge and it took us hours to find out that there are no WUXGA laptops produced anymore.

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Welcome to our website, this website is dedicated to laptops which could be used by the professional. We mean laptops with screen real-estate. We regret that the laptop manufacturers have decided to put mostly crappy panels with horrible resolutions into their products. As a creative professional it’s appalling to see that our needs are ignored.

On these pages we have two categories, the portable and the desktop replacement. The minimum specifications to fall in either category are based on our own experiences and are debatable.


After the introduction of the 15″ retina Macbook Pro, apple also unveiled this 13″ Macbook pro. Native resolutie: 2560 x 1600, maximum visible resolution: 1680 x 1050 (see also The retina myth). Comes with 8GB of RAM and SSD, this is a lovely machine to own I’m sure.

Lenovo will release a new ultrabook that qualifies for our LW900 category. It’s the X1 Carbon, a real Thinkpad but with some considerations. The display is glossy (yuck), it does however have a pointing stick on the keyboard, and personally I love that little stick. The display is 1600×900, which is enough to qualify.
The laptop has en ultra fast charging battery price is yet to be known.
Lenovo X1 Carbon

The Samsung Serie 9 laptops come in a wide variety. A couple of them also include a better display compared with the default 1366×768. The 900X3B models include a 1600×900 display, which is the bare minimum to be useable as a production machine in our opinion.

Sony also produces a LW900 laptop. It’s the 13″ VIAO Z, which can be configured with a full HD (1920×1080) screen. This is a very expensive machine and is default configured with a 1600×900 panel. It has the fastest processor of the bunch as well (when you configure this extra bonus) and comes with an optional mediadock which houses an external video card and hdmi ports.


So here it is, the long awaited upgrade for laptop displays, Apple introduces a 16:10 2880×1800 15″ Macbook. Hurray! Expensive? Yes, it features an SSD and a less-glare display. Can’t wait to get my fingers on one of these babies. Finally a laptop on which you look at your code and have a tablet simulation running beside.

Well, slap me with a moldy turnip and color me flabbergasted! When doing some surfing today I discovered there is one other laptop that falls into our 1200+ category which is the Panasonic Toughbook 52. It’s even a 15.4″ laptop so that means it’s smaller than the Apple Macbook Pro. (But by no means lighter because of it’s toughness). It’s probably not the workhorse you’d expect for this price, but if 1200 pixels of height is what matters most, this is your one and last non Apple option as far as we know.

At the moment this site went live there was, to our knowledge, only one laptop available that has a display resolution of 1920×1200 (WUXGA) and that is Apple’s Macbook Pro. It’s the 17″ model, which is fine, but remember, in the days that 16:10 laptops were common, a lot of 15″ laptops had this resolution as well.
But let’s not complain and thank Apple for the last 1200+ laptop on the planet that is still produced.

Currently we have 5 laptops on our site. Four in the LW900+ category. A laptop is candidate if:

  • Weighs under 1.6 kg,
  • has at minimum 1440×900 resolution
  • has 4 hour battery life

This category is for the road-warrior.

The 1200+ category is for

  • laptops with a minimum height of 1200 pixels

If you have knowledge of any laptop, still being produced that we did not include in our lists, please contact us.